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Meeting the Ukrainian Community to support them in their hours of need.

Updated: Aug 29, 2023


The Ukrainian community displaced from their homes and country is perhaps one of the most agonising incidents for Europe to watch since world war II.

A thriving country with the most exemplary culture, economy, agriculture and sound political institution was turned upside down due to this mindless war.

In the departure to save lives, a mass influx of people, families, single men and women made precarious, tumultuous and dangerous journeys to reach a safer place in Northampton. What an exodus it was!

The Community

Cohesive Society had this excellent opportunity to meet the community members and spoke and met them frequently to listen to their issues, needs, and remedies, easing the process of obtaining documentation, preparing CVs, and helping with acclimatisation and language.

The needs are very nuanced and can quickly be resolved. Cohesive Society is proactively seeking avenues and reaching out to the relevant organisations who can help ease these needs of the communities.

Founding of Cohesive Society

One of the central founding ethos of the Cohesive Society is connecting diverse communities to achieve inspiring integration to achieve cohesion.


We are proactively enquiring to facilitate for these members of Ukraine society uprooted for no fault of their own, who had no choice but to flee their homes to save their lives.

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