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Empowering the Youth 


Empowering the Youth 

Cohesive Society is always at the forefront of helping the youth achieve the best goals in their life. The life journey, at times, begins with obtaining employment. Still, from the outset of hearing the findings of the recent Poverty Report - Cohesive Society envisaged that there is a requirement for an organisation like Cohesive Society ought to come forward to help facilitate the youth, preparing them for achieving and securing a job or employment. 

The Poverty Report categorically stipulated that the YOUTH of BAME communities cannot prepare their curriculum vitae and other paraphernalia of requirements to secure employment.


Let's Be Health Conscious

Northampton , UK

This project of making the community more aware of health consciousness was launched during the first lockdown. We organised a walking and cycling programme for the men and yoga classes for the women. 

During the project, Cohesive Society also distributed 6000 free meals and 10,000 masks for the general public. 

This pilot project continued for five months. 


Free Meal and Masks for the Teachers 

Northampton , UK

During Pandemic Cohesive Society organised Free Meals and Mask for the schools in the Northampton Town areas. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 02.35.23 2.PNG


Northampton , UK

Imran Chowdhury B.E.M has been working for community cohesion, integration, youth motivation, community inspiration in communal affairs, businesses and other forums for the last 12 years in the United Kingdom.


His passion for motivation and inspiration has led to the Cohesive Society setting up.


Please view the speeches, interviews, talks, seminars and meetings.


You can watch his other activities on our YouTube channel.


BAME Football Tournament 

Northampton , UK

Cohesive Society sponsored a Football tournament in Northampton on the 24th October 2021.

This was the first of its kind ever took place in the town.

A total of 16 teams from all over the country participated in this epic event.

Cohesive Society had all the shields, cups, and trophies made bespoke for the event.

The Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Northamptonshire and the High Sheriff graced the occasion as the Guest of Honours.

IMG_0227 2.jpg

Healthy Food For The Elderly

Northampton , UK

Cohesive Society is organizing Healthy Cooking Lessons for the Youth. This is to encourage the youth to cook their own healthy meal instead of consuming unhealthy processed meals to avoid obesity and other health-related issues. The COVID 19 has given the communities an enormous amount of evidence of how the underlying health issues can make communities across the country susceptible to these kinds of viruses and what detrimental effects this can cause.


Please call our HOTLINE or Email us to book your lessons. This will take place in Northampton Town locations.


Badminton Competition

Northampton , UK

Cohesive Society organised a tournament in Northampton recently where there were 88 teams coming from all over UK.


This was the first an ethnic minorities players from all over UK came together to make the tournament a very big success.


Prizes were distributed by Councillor Imran Chowdhury B.E.M; the founder of


The tournament attracted a huge audience from all over the UK. There were spectators from India, Bangladesh, UK and Ireland.


Booster Jab & Flu Vaccination Promotion 

Northampton , UK

Cohesive Society is running a project from Nov 21 to promote Booster Jab and Flu Vaccination uptake within the BAME communities in the Northampton area.

The project will mainly focus on motivation, one to one sessions, door to door leaflets and pledge letters to increase the jab intake within these communities

Weight Management Leaflet

Weight Management Programme

" My Health Matters "

Northampton , UK

Cohesive Society is running a new project from November 2021 till June 2022 in association with Public Health Northamptonshire. We will be promoting a weight management programme for the communities. The programme will be run by a Nutritionist, fitness and well-being coach to encourage healthy eating and lifestyle. 

vaccination .jpg

First Vaccination Promotional Project 2020 

Northampton , UK

Cohesive Society carried out a campaign during the first vaccination programme to encourage uptake of vaccines within the diaspora communities. 


Cohesive Society undertook Extensive leafletting, FaceBook Ads, Publishing articles in ethnic print and electronic media, Mainstream press articles with Bengali scripts, BBC Radio interviews to ascertain the safety of the vaccination. Make communities aware and assure them of the myths spreading about the contents of the medicine and its ingredients. 

fitness project image.jpg

Community Fitness Project

Northampton , UK

Cohesive Society undertook this project to improve health and well-being of community at large.


Running - Cycling - Badminton- Cricket programmes are run by Cohesive Society.

healthy food.jpg

Youth Cooking Lessons

Northampton , UK

Healthy Meal cooking lessons initiative was under taken to teach youth how to cook less fat, less carb, less oily cuisine. Learn to cook from burger to butter chicken, from chilli con carne to chicken tikka masala in healthy way.



Community Cohesion & Integration


Interaction with the wider communities to build cohesion and integration. Uniting diverse diaspora communities together to build a better and stronger society. 

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