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Youth Entrepreneurship

Updated: Mar 29


The Bangladeshi community in the United Kingdom has a rich history, and its youth possess immense potential for entrepreneurship. In a cohesive society, they can harness their talents to become successful entrepreneurs, contributing to the local economy and fostering social integration. This essay explores the avenues and scopes of entrepreneurship for Bangladeshi youth in the UK, the role of government support and higher education in entrepreneurship, and the idea of creating a club for budding entrepreneurs within the Bangladeshi and broader BAME community.

Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Entrepreneurship knows no bounds, and the sky is the limit for those who dare to dream. Bangladeshi youth in the UK should recognise the untapped potential within themselves. The country's diverse economy offers numerous opportunities, from tech startups to food businesses, creative ventures, and social enterprises. By identifying these niches, they can enter uncharted territory and create innovative solutions to societal challenges.

Cohesive Society and Entrepreneurship

A cohesive society plays a pivotal role in nurturing entrepreneurship among Bangladeshi youth. It fosters an environment of tolerance, mutual respect, and cooperation, allowing young entrepreneurs to focus on their ventures without facing discrimination or prejudice. A supportive community encourages networking, collaboration, and exchanging ideas, which are essential to entrepreneurial success.

Government Support

Government initiatives are essential for promoting entrepreneurship. The UK government offers support programs and funding opportunities for startups and small businesses. Bangladeshi youth should be informed about these resources to help them kick-start their entrepreneurial journey. Access to mentorship programs and financial aid can provide the necessary guidance and stability to young entrepreneurs.

Higher Education in Entrepreneurship

Higher education institutions can serve as a gateway for Bangladeshi youth interested in entrepreneurship. Many universities in the UK offer specialised courses and degrees in entrepreneurship, equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed to launch and manage their businesses. These programmes often emphasise innovation, business planning, and financial management, which are crucial for success in the business world.

To further foster entrepreneurship, creating a supportive ecosystem within the Bangladeshi and BAME community is essential. Establishing a club for budding entrepreneurs can provide a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration. This club should be open to members of all backgrounds, promoting diversity and inclusivity in entrepreneurship.


Empowering Bangladeshi youth in the UK to pursue entrepreneurship is an avenue for personal success and a way to enrich broader society. By tapping into government support, accessing higher education in entrepreneurship, and building a cohesive community, these young entrepreneurs can achieve their dreams and contribute to the UK's economic and social prosperity. Creating a club for budding entrepreneurs will further enhance the potential of the Bangladeshi and BAME community in the business world. As we move forward, the focus should remain on nurturing talent, promoting diversity, and fostering innovation to ensure that the sky is truly the limit for the Bangladeshi youth in the UK.


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