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Cohesive Society to manage Weight Management Programme in association with Public Health

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

The Centre for Policy Promotion & Prevention is very proud to announce that a 12 weeks programme on Weight Management will be carried out in Northampton soon.

The Public Health Northamptonshire has assigned Cohesive Society to promote this initiative to manage weight, dietary advice, physical activities guidance, and support to help people start and maintain healthier habits.

Obesity is one of the major health crises the UK is facing at this moment. Living with obesity is a major risk for citizens facing up and down the country, which is a major health risk for individuals.

Obesity remains a leading cause of preventable illness and premature death nationally. Research suggests that almost two-thirds of adults in England are living with excess weight or obesity.

This programme will be running 1:1 sessions, periodical weighing, and Cohesive Society’s in-house nutritionist will be advising both face-to-face and via zoom on dietary issues, what types of food to consume, and how to lead a healthier lifestyle indoor and outdoor physical activities.

Founder of Cohesive Society, Imran Chowdhury B.E.M, is delighted to receive this timely and very important health initiative to help encourage people from all walks of life to come forward and take advantage of these services.

An extensive ad and leaflet campaign will start soon for the community members to come forward and sign up for this Weight Management Programme free of charge. The normal price for this kind of 12 weeks weight management is around £225.00.

Cohesive Society would like to invite all members of the society to register for the service, attend the opening day to book their sessions.

Please contact

Cohesive Society

Suite 8

Northampton Business Centre

Lower Harding Street



Tel : 01604 312 140



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