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Being Active: A healthy Body is a Healthy Mind.

Updated: Mar 29

To have good health, one needs to do physical exercise. Physical exercise can help reduce stress, improve sleep, and sharpen concentration skills. The body needs oxygen to function correctly, which is delivered by the blood flow in the body courtesy of our heartbeat. In short, when your heart beats faster, it pumps more blood through your body, thus providing more oxygen needed by your brain and other organs. When you remove those burdens troubling you and make time for a proper workout before starting work each morning, you feel lighter on your feet and more energised when taking on new challenges later in the day.

Good health is an integral part of success. If a person engages in physical exercises, he will have a healthy mind and body. That is why working out yourself at home, any gym, or any park is crucial.

To have a healthy body, one must exercise. Physical activity is essential for the proper functioning of the body organs, removing excessive fatness and cholesterol from our blood vessels, and keeping our hearts strong. Still, regular exercise has many mental benefits too. It reduces stress, regulates sleep patterns and improves overall mental health.

A healthy body means one is in good physical shape and working at optimum efficiency. All of these entail a healthy mind,

There is nothing to be shy of going out to walk, run, jog or do some physical activities for anyone of any age or sex. You can go on your own or make a little group of friends, family or neighbours. It is your health and the health of your family, friends and neighbours that matter.

The health and well-being research results for the community are not very promising. We have an immense number of health issues that are prevailing among our men and women. Many of these issues can be resolved, eradicated and live a healthy lifestyle if the members of the community are encouraged to take 30 minutes a day some exercise- jogging-brisk walking, yoga, and or some activities sitting in their chairs) in the living room or back garden ( if weather permits). Doing any of those work out for a few months will be able to showcase pragmatic changes in them.

Talk to a few friends and like-minded people who are either healthy or on the borderline of some impending health issues. Someone who has already been diagnosed with a disease. Make a group and start doing some small activities to kick-start the initiative. Subsequently, set up a group or an organisation - should you need any help, contact the writer by email or telephone to get advice, or contact Northamptonshire Sports for the people of Northamptonshire. People from other areas can contact their local council, sports England, or local sports bodies.

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