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Bangla school Northampton students pay homage to Queen Elizabeth II.

Updated: Aug 29, 2023


The Bengali diaspora community in Northampton has been managing and running this Bengali vernacular language school for a long time. An excellent accomplishing initiative to teach the diaspora generation their mother tongue. A highly admiring cohesion and integration ethos: in essence, it is an ethos that is the founding rock of the setting up of Cohesive Society.

'' A kid has forfeited their heritage and civic responsibility if their mother tongue is not taught to them. It may sometimes be frightening even to think that your language is too simple or formal for your children to learn. Language and tradition are inextricably linked. Since nothing else in the universe is like ourselves, we should rejoice in who we are.'' commented a diaspora teacher

Importance of Mother's Language

Speaking his native tongue offers your child a true identity and makes him stand out. Making sure that our children understand their dialect gives them the self-assurance they need in life in our modern world when English has been the only language used for communication, especially among our young people.

"I believe that children should get rooted in their ancestry at a young age because it will help them better navigate life as adults. Knowing their origins in-depth would enable them to make courageous decisions about their future course.

Language & History

"Language is unquestionably at the heart of any culture; it aids in understanding cultural ideas. Therefore, comprehending and speaking one's language opens the door to learning more about other facets of their culture.

But the other day, I was invited by the Supremo of this local - unknown and uncelebrated institution to join the students to pay homage to Queen on her passing.

The most poignant of all tasks is to find words for the kids to understand the stature of Her Majesty. Explain to these kids about her life, her passion, her duty, her reign and above all, the commonwealth.

Also, at the same time, give the students kudos for their quest to learn this additional language, amongst many other things they are being taught in their respective schools.

I have had to swap and swing during my speech as the chief guest from Bengali to English and vice versa, which I navigated seamlessly.

But, what surprised me was their respect for the Queen and how knowledgeable these kids are. Seeing their passion and impulsion to acquire proficiency in the mother tongue was amazing.

Bengali Language: It's History

Bengali ( Bangla ) language is a language which is very close to my heart. It has made me more predisposed to render my services to impart lessons like this for the kids on the language, history, heritage, culture, folklore and ethos of the Bengali culture on an ongoing basis.

Bengali is the 5th most spoken language in the world. It is spoken by 300 million native speakers and 37 million as a second language and ought to be the epitome of vocabulary around the globe.

Bengalis are the only nation that had to pay a very price for their language, and hence the world observes International Mother Language day on the 21st of February. Coinciding with Bengali Language Day, seven people laid their lives at the altar of the Bengali language on the 21st of February, 1952.


From the backdrop of this event at the Bangla School, Cohesive Society is inspired to set up the Cohesive Society Academy of Learning for language, heritage & history shortly.

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