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BAME Youth; should pursue Military career

Updated: Mar 29

British Military is one of the most advanced and oldest standing armed forces globally; The institution is admired worldwide for its contribution in military armaments, innovation, laws and rules, regulations and above all, operational doctrines.

The British arm§ed forces have been pioneering institutions that have been instrumental in laying the foundations for all the military outfits and armies for all the commonwealth armies worldwide. Some of those armies are known as one of the best armies in the world military hierarchy.

Fifty-four countries of the Commonwealth have modelled as a replica of the British armed forces for well over hundreds of years since their humble inceptions.

Roughly those commonwealth states are at present may be employing well over 2 million regular soldiers.

The British armed forces' need for operational or peacetime activities has resulted in many innovations and unbelievable inventions.

The career ladder and its scopes of various trade are enormous. There are so many avenues for the youth to explore. The career tenures and progressions with learning skills and professional technicians types of education can be an asset for a lifetime long after leaving the uniform.

It is surprising why the BAME community boys and girls are not taking these opportunities as their profession. The number of humanitarian activities, peacekeeping, rescue missions that the British armed forces undertake are perhaps unknown to many from these communities. These are some of the world-class skills that the British armed forces champions.

This globalised world and the more collaborative joint peace and war skirmishes. Prospects to make it a bilingual, multi-ethnic, diversified armed forces representing all cross-sections of the society. Will make the British armed the best multicultural and more cohesive military institutions globally.

More BAME communities must join the armed forces to find this their career and profession of choice.

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