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Testimonials and Comments by our Well Wishers, Associates and Patrons.

Elizabeth Bowen JP


Westnorthants Unitary Authority

The Cohesive Society is a brilliant idea to inspire the youth and children from all backgrounds to help build a stronger Britain. It is a unique initiative to bring social changes. I wish them all the best.

Ansar Ahmed Ullah

Social Historian

United Kingdom

I am pleased to learn that a new Cohesive Society website has been created. A social enterprise of this kind is the need of the hour for promoting cohesion and integration. It will help perpetuate a synergy between all the communities in the United Kingdom and beyond. The initiative is a very timely one when there exist so many issues that need addressing. I wish this initiative great success.

Dr Hiten Vyas

Changemaker Hub,

The University of Northampton

Cohesive Society is doing vital work through its training and education programmes to develop cohesion between communities. Through its innate understanding of diverse communities and their needs, it is uniquely placed to intervene with tailored programmes for its intended audiences.

Mrs Neelam Aggarwal Singh MBE, DL, JP

Deputy Lieutenant, Northamptonshire
Chairperson, IHWO

The Cohesive Society is an institution that seeks to champion interfaith cohesion and multi-community integration in the UK. Their plans to build stronger communities in order to build a stronger Britain are very inspiring and I look forward to seeing the positive impact, that this project has real potential to create. I wish them every success.

MD. Zulfiqar Nain


Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

Compassion and commitments are the basic tenets of a Cohesive Society which renders wide range of services with humility for all the communities and Bangladeshi diaspora. 

Cohesive Society is one of the pioneering NGOs that routinely address the importance of social integration & community cohesion for the enhanced role in enriching British Society. It is also proactive in multi-faceted work in media and press-related services. 

We are proud to support their works to help build a pluralistic Great Britain.

Dr John Craggs MBE, DL

Deputy Lord Lieutenant, West Midlands 

It has been a pleasure getting to know Imran Chowdhury from the Cohesive Society over the past few months and I have been much impressed by his commitment to build bridges between those with a Bangladeshi heritage and the local communities.  This can only help community cohesion.  He has an impressive knowledge of members of the Bangladeshi community in the West Midlands and has been most helpful in introducing me to many people. I look forward to continuing our fruitful relationship.

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